You determine the destination and the path.

We check your condition.

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The path to the goal begins with the establishing the location. For your company, this means: reliable and meaningful figures and an accurate analysis of the opportunities and risks of your company. 

Taking into account the legal guidelines, your business model and the industry characteristics, we evaluate and evaluate your companies in a neutral and independent manner. As a board of directors or company managers, you gain valuable information and decision-making based on our reporting. Rely on our many years of experience and on our accuracy as an auditing company registered with RAB at an expert level.  

Your benefits

  • Reliable figures and sound assessment decisions
  • High credibility of your financial reporting
  • Clear and transparent reporting 
  • Positive signalling effect towards shareholders and lenders 
  • Identification of optimization potential and early detection of errors

Our services

  • Restricted Revision
  • Ordinary Audit
  • Special audits (creation, change in capital structure, restructuring)
  • Due Diligence Tests 
  • Support in implementing your internal control system (ICS)
  • Company evaluations, expert reports
  • Your “internal auditor”, to allow the external auditing to go smoothly