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Digital Trustee

Tax consultancy and financial trusts “go digital & mobile” too. Our tools let you work as efficiently as possible with your receipts and numbers. We use accounting, payroll and budget figures to generate your personal financial information system.

Invoices, tax files and expense receipts can be easily sent directly to your customer “eDossier” at Wechsler & Partner via your mobile phone's scan function. Only you and the responsible account manager have access to the receipts and data, no matter where and when you want to retrieve them.


Despite these exciting developments in digital information transmission, as a customer of Wechsler & Partner you and your business and tax issues are always the top priority. We believe that the right combination of personal advice from case- experienced experts coupled with future digital opportunities will constitute the “lean” trustee and tax advisor for the smart customer.

Yours sincerely, Beat Wechsler, Dipl. Trustee Expert and Auditing Expert / 041 854 23 10

Digitize and transmit documents for tax return in no time at all

Accounting in the Cloud

Accounting and Payroll in the Private Cloud of Wechsler & Partner

For specialist practices - easy to use complete solution - harmonizes with Wechsler & Partner Services